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Welcome to Aikido Sydney City!

The 'Aiki' scroll

Aikido Sydney City is a beautiful, full-time dojo in inner-city Sydney, offering classes for children, teenagers and adults in the non-violent Japanese martial art of Aikido, ‘The Art of Peace’. We belong to a worldwide network of Aikido dojos inspired by the teachings of Yoshinobu Takeda Shihan, and known as Aikido Kenkyukai International (AKI).

The name ‘kenkyukai’ means ‘research group’, and is indicative of our joyful, innovative and creative approach to Aikido study. Sensitivity, softness, connection with our partners, and freedom in movement are signature themes of our classes.

At Aikido Sydney City, we recognise that every student is unique. We each have different bodies, abilities and interests, and as artists – martial artists – our Aikido, too, should be our own. Hence, in conjuction with our internationally recognised technical syllabus, we provide you with the tools and opportunities to discover your own natural way of moving, and to develop your own unique expression of this incredible and inspiring art!


Why choose us?

  • We provide regular seminars with our top international teachers, plus exciting opportunities to study abroad


The dojo has a warm and welcoming energy that reflects the Japanese heart of Aikido. That, together with the daily offer of classes, made committing to regular practice a pleasure. I would recommend Aikido to anyone who wants to grow and improve in their lives…

– Nikki Silverman[昭和西川]ムアツ?羽毛布団2点セット(シングル) 90NT ホワイトダックダウン93%【ムアツ45周年 第三弾!】/ムアツコ お得 腰痛 ムアツふとん 新生活 羽毛布団 昭和 昭和西川 体圧分散 凹, 5 years’ experience

I like the peaceful space. I like the light. All the people I train with are so damned nice. I feel safe and challenged at the same time. Most of all, I feel invigorated with joy after training. Aikido seems to appeal to the gentler, more considerate, compassionate person. It brings out the best in me and makes me gentler…

– Rachel Goodman【H・L】アッシュ・エル《男性用アンサンブル》9点フルセットお仕立て上り(濃鼠色)お取り寄せ品【smtb-k】【ky】, 3 years’ experience

Was truly a great start – just the feeling and temperament I was hoping for…

– Scott WittYUKIKO HANAI ブラックフォーマル432-32622★土日祝日も発送します★ フォーマルスーツ フォーマルドレス, brand new beginner

I think any age is a good age to start Aikido【代引き・同梱不可】屋内外兼用型 軽量折式ノンスリップカラーマット L-622/ダイエット 健康 リラックス マッサージ用品 ストレッチグッズ ストレッチマット. I was 30アウトドアシリーズ スプリングバナーEN Sサイズ 本体+出力. I wish I’d started when I was younger but then I might have given up on it for no good reason最高級(5A) ラリマー ペンダントトップ (18金ホワイトゴールド) No.18 【無条件返品・交換OK】【パワーストーン・天然石】【月間優良ショップ】. I’m 56 now and can’t think why I’d stop家具 便利 楢天然木国産折れ脚こたつ 105×75cm こたつ テーブル 長方形 日本製 国産 ブラウン.犬 キャリーバッグ キャリーリュック Blossom Creek ミスターバッグマン 機内持ち込み だっこバッグ バック 【だっこリュック1200 S】.【日本製・証明書付き】【海外対応可】亀文堂写 田舎山水鉄瓶(小) 本体に金銀象嵌入り 座:銀 摘みに銀象嵌入り 霊芝型弦 約1.1L tb128. No-one warned me this thing was addictiveフェラーリ Ferrari 腕時計 FERRARI XX KERS Mens watches 0830307

– Peter Baillie, 26 years and counting

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