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A most auspicious beginning to 2017!

Published on 8 Jan, 2017


Happy new year everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday and are ready for another fantastic year of Aikido training!

2017 is off to a most auspicious start already with huge celebrations taking place in Japan for the 77th birthday of our teacher, Takeda Shihan. A party was held at AKI Hombu Dojo on 3 January with 70 guests in attendance. Video messages from students all over world were shared with Sensei.

Aikido Sydney City will open its doors for the new year tomorrow morning, followed by our first friendship training and kagami biraki on Tuesday evening (10 January). One of the highlights of the end of 2016 was seeing four of our students – Joon, Raphael, Pawel and Dimitri – complete outstanding gradings for 6th kyu, 6th kyu, 4th kyu and 3rd kyu, respectively. Come and join us at the friendship training for their official presentations and promotions – not to mention oiwai ukemi!

womens-aikido-camp-2017Our events calendar has been updated with all the special training events and grading opportunities scheduled for the year so far. First off, Adelaide Dojo will be hosting AKI Australia’s first-ever Women’s Aikido Camp on 21-22 January. Members from ASC, Orange and Adelaide dojos have been working hard to gather the top women teachers from around Australia, and to create a really special and rewarding event.

daiyu-takeda-sensei-sydney-aikido-seminar-2017-smallNext, our dojo will be hosting the Summer Gasshuku with Daiyu Takeda Sensei from AKI Hombu Dojo, Japan (10-12 February). It will be wonderful to see Daiyu Sensei back in Sydney and to share in his exciting and innovative practice! In addition, three of our students for will be testing for shodan at this event, making it even more special! Please do your very best to be there and support them.

Summer kyu gradings for adults and teens (6th kyu to 2nd kyu) will be held in the dojo on 18 February so check your eligibility and study hard.

I’m really excited about the coming year of training. If the magic on the mat at our final class for 2016 and our year-end dojo cleaning is any indication, 2017 is going to be one of our best ever…

Big hug and happy training to all,
Berin 🙂

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