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Avoidance of violence is the heart of Aikido. Children learn not how to fight,
but how to co-operate; how to resolve conflict in a positive way; how to make
friends and avoid making enemies. They learn self-defence, but more importantly
they learn self-confidence, self-respect and the path to self-discovery. In a world
increasingly filled with stress and conflict, these lessons are survival tools for
children of all ages.


Roberta K. Beach
in praise of “Children and the martial arts: An Aikido point of view” by Gaku Homma


Benefits of Aikido for Kids

Aikido Sydney City is a unique and sacred environment for children which promotes learning through laughter, imagery and games. All classes are led by fully insured and accredited instructors who have undergone child protection training and Working with Children Checks as part of their accreditation with the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA). In the safe and peaceful atmosphere of the dojo, children learn to respect and co-operate with each other, and to move with grace and confidence. We do stretching and warm up exercises together, and play energetic games which improve our balance, co-ordination and concentration. Students are separated into different age groups to provide the best learning opportunities for each child. Basic Aikido principles and techniques are introduced with special emphasis on the art of ukemi (falling and rolling) to receive techniques safely. Children learn to protect and care for each other. We do not teach children to punch and kick each other as an acceptable way to resolve conflict. Practice swords, a favourite amongst the children, help us to illustrate the lines and space present in the movements, and basic Japanese language, culture and etiquette are interwoven throughout each class.



 Take a walk through one of our children’s classes via our image gallery


1. Make an appointment for a FREE introductory class!

Interested parents are invited to visit the dojo with their children to observe or try a class. Please contact us for an appointment and to receive an information pack. Kids classes currently run on:

  • Tuesdays: 5:00-6:05pm
  • Saturdays: 10:15-11:20am

As per the MAIA’s recommendations, parents/guardians of all prospective students are asked to complete a Membership Agreement before their children can participate in a trial class. Comfortable clothing such as tracksuit pants and a long-sleeved top is required for the first class, and students should bring their own water bottles.


2. Get a starter pack

We offer subsidised starter packs for kids which include a 100% cotton Aikido uniform (jacket, pants and belt) plus their first 2 weeks of classes (up to 4 classes), all for $99 (total value: $160).


3. Become a member

At the completion of the 2-week starter pack, students are invited to join the dojo and continue their training. A $40 annual membership fee is payable at this time. Subsequent tuition is paid for in quarterly terms which run Jan to Mar, Apr to Jun, Jul to mid-Sep, and mid-Sep to Dec. A Term Pass is $205 and enables unlimited attendance within a 3-month period*.




All students in our youth programs begin with a white belt. With training and practice, they progress through the coloured belts over a 7-year program from white-yellow-orange-red-green-blue-purple-brown. They are then well prepared to join the adults program where there are five ranks of white belts called ‘kyu’, followed by the black belt ranks called ‘dan’.


Aikido camps

From time to time, 1-2 day Aikido camps are offered for children. These camps are special days where the students’ learning curves and confidence are greatly increased. They train hard and enjoy many different cultural activities in addition to Aikido practice. Gradings may take place during these times for those students who are ready. Camps provide richly rewarding opportunities for friendship and cultural exchange, often with kids and instructors from other countries.


Further reading

For parents and carers who wish to better understand the benefits of Aikido training and the effect it can have on their children, we highly recommend Gaku Homma’s inspiring book, “Children and the Martial Arts: An Aikido point of view.” Download a free copy.