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Japanese Aikido Glossary


The AKI Japanese Aikido Glossary was first published in 2005 and comprises over three years of first hand experience and study with Takeda Shihan at the AKI Honbu Dojo in Japan. It has been revised and expanded to include over 400 of the most common words and phrases in use, equipping you with the key adverbs, verbs and nouns you’re likely to encounter whilst training in Japan, or when attending seminars with Japanese teachers. These are presented in kanji (Chinese characters), hiragana (Japanese phonetic syllables) and romaji (English text). The glossary includes a pronunciation guide, a fast-find index to look up terms as you hear them, and a selection of quality black-and-white and full-colour images depicting the beauty of Japan’s very distinct four seasons.


A range of useful topics are covered including:

  • counting in Japanese
  • people, ranks and clothing
  • self-introductions and greetings
  • essential phrases used between students and teachers
  • common in-class instructions
  • Aikido stances, strikes, grabs, techniques and weapons
  • types of training and special events
  • plus many more advanced feelings and concepts specific to Takeda Shihan’s Aikido