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Two new video clips of Daiyu Takeda Sensei (AKI Japan)

Published on 27 Jan, 2016

Only two weeks to go until Daiyu Sensei’s Sydney Aikido seminar! There are still places available so please contact us ASAP to register.

For our newer students who are yet to meet him, we’re excited to share these two clips from a seminar in Chile to give you a small glimpse of his warmth, and of his incredibly fluid and beautiful Aikido.
Clip 1: kokyu nage variation (“hammer throw”)

Clip 2: dynamic atogeiko following the seminar
Atogeiko (literally ‘after practice’) is a signature feature of the AKI style of Aikido founded by Yoshinobu Takeda Shihan (8th dan, Aikikai Japan). At the end of the formal class, students bow to their sensei (teacher) and senpai (senior students) for ukemi, and will receive anywhere from 20 to 100 throws at a time depending on their ability. This practice, while physically demanding, is invaluable for their progress as it develops suppleness, sensitivity and inner weight. Once fatigued, they can no longer physically resist their partner’s movements and must blend intuitively and spontaneously with each technique in accordance with Aikido principles.

Atogeiko is a very joyful and creative practice for both the student and the teacher, with many new ideas and directions transmitted between the two through direct contact. For the student, it’s an invaluable opportunity to experience and absorb their teacher’s ‘feeling’. For the teacher, the informality of atogeiko provides an wonderful forum in which to experiment with key elements of the AKI approach including sensitivity, connection, extension, kokyu, hara etc., and to develop their own free expression of Aikido beyond form and technique.

See also aikidosydneycity’s Youtube playlist of other Daiyu Sensei videos

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